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Travel Diaries: From Geneva to Colombian Mountain Peaks, a Personal Trainer's Journey of Adventure and Philanthropy

Meet Michel, seasoned personal trainer living in Switzerland. Accomplished athlete and Obstacle course racing competitor with a passion for physical fitness that spans decades. 

In the heart of Geneva, we meet him, a proud "Colombiano" whose life is a fusion of personal training and a passion for adventure. 

His occupation as a personal trainer serves as the foundation for his love of fitness and exploration. 

His recent trip to Colombia was more than just a return to his roots; it became a testament to the incredible fusion of his roles as an adventurer and a compassionate individual.

This transformative journey, not merely for holidays and mountaineering but with a deeper purpose - to raise funds for a local orphanage. 

In this exclusive interview, Michel shares his exhilarating experiences, the challenges faced, and the profound lessons learned along the way.

A Purposeful Expedition to Colombia: 

    While many embark on holiday journeys seeking relaxation, Michel's trip was imbued with a dual purpose. Holidays blended seamlessly with mountaineering, as he aimed to scale new heights, both figuratively and literally. 

More importantly, every step he took would contribute to a noble cause - supporting a local orphanage.

Adventures Shared, and Conquered Alone:

This journey wasn't a solitary one; he shared the vibrant Colombian landscapes with friends. showing them around the vibrant city of Medellin for 4 days before heading to the summit.

However, the mountains demanded a different kind of companionship, leading him to venture into the challenging terrains, conquering not just the peaks but also the boundaries of self-discovery.

Facing the Elements: Altitude, Cold, and the Summit Triumph

Staying healthy amidst the rigorous expedition wasn't without its challenges. Esquier and his team meticulously acclimatized to altitudes above 5000m, a testament to their dedication. 

Yet, the biting cold, exacerbated by a shortage of warm clothes, led to a challenging bout with illness. Despite these setbacks, Michel's favorite moment was triumphant - reaching the summit of El Tolima at 5245m.

Challenges Turned Lessons: Heights, Cold, and Resilience

When asked about the challenges faced during the trip, He candidly shared his encounters with the daunting heights, the bone-chilling cold, and the unwelcome companion - fever. 

These obstacles, however, became stepping stones to resilience and self-discovery.

Favorite Moments and Sage Advice
As the conversation turns to his favorite moments, Michel beams with pride, recounting the exhilaration of reaching the summit of El Tolima at 5245m. 
When asked about travel advice, his response is simple:
 “Do not underestimate the altitude. From 4500m, it's a different world”.

Colombia: A Tapestry of Must-Visit Places
As a fervent advocate for his homeland, he enthusiastically recommends 3 must-visit places in Colombia, including:
- the vibrant Medellín
- the majestic Nevado del Huila
- El Nevado del Tolima,

Future Horizons: Ecuador's Highest Summit Beckons
Looking forward, the Geneva adventurer contemplates scaling the highest summit in Ecuador for his next adventure. It's a testament to his enduring spirit of exploration and the pursuit of new challenges.

Learning from Nature: Future Adventures Await
Reflecting on his experiences, Michel shares a profound insight, "By facing nature, one learns a lot about oneself." 

For those seeking to stay updated on Michel's adventures, connect with him through his social media channel.

Instagram: Mig_2c


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