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Rafael Claveau

Head editor Travel Fit Magazine

(001) 236 858 5720

North Vancouver, BC


Welcome to Travel Fit Magazine, your ultimate destination for sports fans, fitness enthusiasts and wanderlusters alike!

I'm Rafael Claveau, your head editor, story teller and a seasoned personal trainer with over a decade of experience across the globe.


From the picturesque landscapes of France, where I am originally from, to the vast expanses of Canada, my journey in the world of sports and fitness has been as diverse as the destinations I've explored.

Having immersed myself in various sports, including American football for 15 years, basketball, snowboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, kite surfing... my passion for sports, fitness and travel knows no bounds.


It's this fervor that has driven me to create Travel Fit Magazine, a platform where we delve into the intersection of sports, travel and fitness, sharing invaluable tips, insightful interviews with inspiring individuals, athletes, travelers, and coaches, and shining a spotlight on destinations that beckon adventurers to explore and be active.


Join us as we traverse the globe, sharing incredible stories, one exhilarating adventure at a time!

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