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Travel Fit Magazine
First Edition


Get Access to the first edition of your E-magazine Travel Fit.


Travel Fit kicks off its inaugural edition (February 2024) with an immersive focus on Panama, a vibrant country brimming with culture and adventure.

The featured destination section delves into the essence of Panama, inviting readers to embark on a 10-day journey to uncover its diverse landscapes and lively spirit.

In the fitness realm, readers are treated to valuable tips tailored for travelers, including the three best stretches to maintain flexibility and ease tension while on the go.


Mindfulness takes center stage with simple yet effective strategies to enhance winter mood and overall well-being.

The magazine introduces readers to Michel, a personal trainer whose travel diaries chronicle his exhilarating adventures and philanthropic endeavors.

Wellness enthusiasts are enlightened on the benefits of nasal breathing, while behind the lens, Leygh's captivating photography captures the essence of Panama's beauty and allure.

Travel Fit Magazine promises an enriching experience for travelers seeking to explore new destinations while prioritizing fitness, mindfulness, and wellness.

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